Cleansing rejuvenating device
Cleansing rejuvenating device
Cleansing rejuvenating device
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Cleansing rejuvenating device

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Calla skin cleansing device is the perfect product to add to your skincare routine.

It has 4 modes of use

cleansing mode with a high low adjustable current 

LED blue & red light, micro current with micro vibration and heating to increase blood flow to the skin.

photo therapy & heating 

Micro current will stimulate muscle elasticity and collagen production.

heating will promote absorption of products into the skin which will promote fuller plumper skin

Micro vibration will stimulate and tighten skin and enhance stem cells.

Blue light will repair skins surface, smooth skin and fine lines while also improves acne and prevents acne and bacteria on the skin.

Red light promotes collagen and elastin in the skin. Helps with pigmentation,fine lines and wrinkles.


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