Speed blow dry
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Speed blow dry

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Created to slash drying time and protect your hair’s health, Color Wow’s Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray is essential for all those addicted to heat…

Harnessing cutting-edge technology that “squeezes” water out while fortifying fragile, colour-treated hair, this alcohol-free formula reduces drying time by over 30% - preserving the vibrancy of your colour while minimising damage wrought by tugging, brushing and blasting with heat. Starring a proprietary crystal clear polymer that acts like shrink-wrap to retain precious moisture and displace the excess, this is also enriched with a blend of keratin proteins, panthenol and silk amino acids to increase resilience and elasticity.

How to Use

Shampoo and condition then towel-dry your hair. Generously spray Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray on hair and comb through. Use other styling aids as desired, then blow-dry and finish

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